Hacking K. McKenzie Wark

21 October 2013

Furtherfield, London - online only

Session organised with Furtherfield based on a chunk of  A Hacker Manifesto by McKenzie Wark.
[version 4.0] http://subsol.c3.hu/subsol_2/contributors0/warktext.html

8pm London time
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with Aileen Derieg, Cornelia SollfrankDmytri Kleiner and Marc Garrett.

> Announcement by Filippo Lorenzin in L'identità aumentata http://lidentitaaumentata.tumblr.com/post/64287851530/reading-club-of-a-hacker-manifesto-by-mckenzie....

> Critic by Maf'j Alvarez in Joining the dots

K. McKenzie Wark

from Kenneth McKenzie Wark, A Hacker Manifesto, v.4.0, 8 pm (London Time) - 45 min - 4 readers - black and white
Readers : Aileen Derieg, Dmytri Kleiner, Marc Garrett, Cornelia Sollfrank

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A Hacker Manifesto by Kenneth McKenzie Wark, October 21  2013, Readers : Aileen Derieg, Dmytri Kleiner, Marc Garrett, Cornelia Sollfrank".