We nooses tous des bastardi elettronici che usano lingue globali Annie Abrahams

Jonathan Baillehache teaches French literature and culture (rap and video games) as well as translation studies at the University of Georgia, in Athens. He defended his dissertation on the translation of Russian experimental poetry in 2012. He has published and presented about translation studies and electronic literature and is currently working on a manuscript about French translation theorist Antoine Berman. He is a member of the experimental translation collective Outranspo.

Camille Bloomfield
teaches Communication at the University of Paris 13 and Comparative Literature at the University of Geneva. A founder member of Outranspo (Ouvroir de translation potencial), a group of creative translators and writers, she practises poetry mostly through public performances and social networks (Instagram : @clebilingue), generally mixing languages and media. Website : camillebloomfield.com

Lily Robert-Foley is Associate Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3. She is the author of Jiji, a book of prose poems and conceptual writing (Omnia Vanitas Press, 2016), Money, Math and Measure (Essay Press chapbook series, 2016) m, a book of poetry-critique-collage (Corrupt Press, 2013), and graphemachine, a chapbook of visual poetry (Xerolage, 2013). Her translation of Sophie Loizeau’s La Chambre sous le saule (The Room under the Willow Tree) also came out this year from To press. She is a member of Outranspo, an international group of experimental translators.

Jan de Weille has been employed as a biologist at the CNRS, first at Nice and later at Montpellier, until his retirement in 2017. He has programmed musical devices in his leisure time.