Nov. 1 2017
Apparatus_is {Other-s}
01/11 2017 19h Paris time
Apparatus_is {Other-s}

Reariting session
Renee Carmichael, Emmanuel Guez, Nick Montfort and Zombectro.

Based on a text by Annie Abrahams
Duration 20 min.

Session for SCRIPTING THE OTHER, a pavilion (online exhibition) in the third edition of The Wrong Biennale, Nov 1, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018. Curated by Noemata.


++ Daniel Temkin, Reading as Writing, Coding as Public Performance,, 21/12/2017.

Annie Abrahams

Apparatus_is {Other-s} ...

This work (ReadingClub) is under Free Art License, you can copy, distribute and transform it freely, if it contains the following information: Reading Club by Annie Abrahams & Emmanuel Guez, Apparatus_is {Other-s} by Annie Abrahams, Scripting the Other, November 1st 2017. Readers: Renee Carmichael, Emmanuel Guez, Nick Montfort, Zombectro.

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